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You need to tick all of the boxes for your gadget to be classed as working. If you still require any help then please contact our support team.

Your Gadget Must Tick All Of These Boxes to be classed as working:

  • ​ Must be fully working for use the way it was intended.
  •  Must switch on and off and all other buttons must be working.
  •  Must have a fully working screen without any damage, cracks or colour bleeds. There must also be no cracks to the body.
  •  Must have a fully working touch screen without any dead areas.
  •  All features of the gadget like making calls, Wi-Fi, screen, camera etc must work as intended.
  •  Must show no signs of water or liquid damage (indicators must not be activated).
  •  Must include its battery. 
  •  Must have fully working manufacturer original software / operating system. (Rooted, Jailbroken, or customised software device will be subject to a revised offer)

​Please note that personalised devices (e.g Devices that have been engraved or lasered with personal messages or names etc) will be typically deducted £10.

This will be automatically applied when payment is made without prior notice. 


Apple devices have a feature known as "Activation Lock". This must be removed and your gadget must be deactivated from iCloud and removed from Find My iPhone before sending it to us.

Please click HERE for instructions how to delink your device before sending.

We reserve the right to decline your trade if we receive any activation locked gadgets and return postage costs will be charged.


Who are we?

Where can I sell my mobile or where can I sell my iPad quickly and easily? At GadgetReclaim that’s where. We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service which is independently rated by our customers. It will take less than 5 minutes for you to sell your device. Then simply send it in to us using our free tracked postage and await your money. Fast, Simple and hassle free. Sell mobile phones and more to us today.

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