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Why you should recycle your gadget.


In the fierce and competitive smartphone market, everyone wants their share. The whole Apple vs. Android battle in the quest for mobile phone and tablet dominance is all too well known.


Mobile phone and tablet creators are bringing out new models pretty much every month and the society we live in today it seems everyone wants their hands on the latest model, whether it is their curiosity of exploring the new features, the fact that they want to be the envy of their friends, or even just to maintain their ‘street cred’, we all want the latest and best of everything.


So what happens when you’ve upgraded? 


What do you do with your old gadget?


That’s where recycling it comes in, Selling your old gadget after you have upgraded can be very rewarding, the cash paid for second hand mobiles, tablets and iPad’s can be huge.


People tend to get into the habit of having a drawer which old items and things just get put. It is these drawers or cupboards where they remain for years, never to see the light of day again.


Recycling your gadget can earn yourself some amazing amounts of money fast without the hassle of selling elsewhere, which you could, put towards Christmas presents or a birthday gift, could pay for your next summer holiday, or even buy your lucky lady (or man of course) something special.


So next time you upgrade your handset and you’re stuck for what to do with your old gadget or phone, think and recycle it fast. 

Don't condemn your used or unwanted gadget to the cupboard or drawer of death, let them continue to live a happy and bright life with another owner who will care and look after it.


Post it to us today and your cash could be with you tomorrow, depending on how fast the postman is of course! :-)



Who are we?

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