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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most common questions that we get asked.  If you can't find your answer please use the contact us link at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you with an answer to your question. 



Selling Questions

How do I find out how much I can sell my gadget for?

All you need to do is to simply type in your gadgets name into the search box on the top of any page on our website or you can browse our Sell my mobile page. Once you find your gadget, you will see our amazing price we will pay for it. 


How does selling my gadget work and what do I have to do?

We have a full step by step guide of how to sell your gadget to us on our How It Works page. 


What kind of gadgets can I sell to you?

We buy devices that are both working and broken. We buy all devices in a working condition that are listed on our website. If we are currently buying your device in a broken state, this option will be available on the product page. If your gadget is not in our database then please use the contact us button at the bottom of this page and we will see if we can help you out. 


What is my IMEI number and how do I find it?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is your phones unique identifier. It is a 15 digit number unique to your phone and can be found by typing *#06# into your phone screen. It can also be found under the battery on some phones.


Why do you need my IMEI number?

We use your IMEI number to firstly check the correct model number when we receive it. We also use it to match your order up with our online database so there are no delays in your payment being made. Most importantly we use it to run a background check on the gadget to ensure it is not reported lost or stolen or is not network barred.


Do you accept stolen gadgets?

Here at GadgetReclaim we don't like thieves and we will not trade with you if you want to sell a stolen gadget. We check all gadgets with the GSMA database, and if we find a gadget to be registered lost or stolen we will quarantine the gadget and it will be handed on to the police for them to investigate and hopefully return it to the rightful owner. We will also pass your details to the police if they need them to aid in their investigation. 


My phone is blocked / barred, can I still sell it?

Sometimes mistakes happen, so if we receive a gadget that is found to be network blocked or barred we will contact you to inform you of this with the details. We will then quarantine the gadget for up to 28 days to give you a chance to contact the network to have this corrected if it is an error. If the network lifts the block then let us know and then that is fine we can trade, however if after 28 days you haven't contacted us and the device is still blocked or barred then we are required by law to dispose of the gadget and no payment will be made.


The price you quoted for my gadget has changed, what happens now?

With the never ending release of new technology every week gadgets do inevitably gradually decrease in value all of the time. However if you have registered your sale with us we will honor that price for 14 days, so make sure you get your gadget to us fast. 


I have a device which is personalised. Can I still sell it to you?

We still accept devices that have personalisation (names or personal messages engraved etc) however these devices will be typically deducted £10. This will automatically apply during processing. The rest of the device must fully work in accordance with our checklist and terms and conditions.


Does my gadget need to be unlocked?

No, we accept gadgets that are from any UK network. We also pay a little bit extra for certain gadgets that are unlocked, be sure to look out for the option on certain gadget pages. 


Postage and Payment Questions:

Do I have to pay for the postage to send my gadget?

We offer a freepost service of Royal Mail Tracked 48.  This covers your gadget up to £100 compensation in case it is lost or damaged in the post. If your gadget is worth more than £100 then we recommend sending via Royal Mail Special Delivery which covers loss or damage up to £500 and will reach us the next day guaranteed. This service is available from your local post office branch and will cost you around 7-8 pounds. You are of course free to use your own courier if you wish.  Please note that we cannot be responsible for any items lost or damaged by Royal Mail or other couriers.


How do I send my gadget to you?

During the checkout process you have the option to receive your freepost envelope in the post or to have the label emailed to you. Once you receive the label and/or envelope then just post us your gadget at your local post office branch and obtain a proof receipt with your tracking number on it.


I’ve completed my trade in with you but haven’t received my label what should I do?

If you chose the CREATE MY OWN LABEL option on the product page, then you will find the link on the success page of the checkout. The link will also be in the confirmation email you receive when you register your trade in. If you chose the postage option these are slightly slower and take around 2-3 days to arrive. If you haven'e received it after five days, then please contact us and we will send out a new one. 


What do I need to send with my gadget?

Unless stated on the product page, all you need to send is the gadget itself - including the battery.  You are welcome to send any chargers or accessories if you wish but we don’t pay any extra for these.  For some devices we do require a working charger - this is stated on the product page.  Fitbits and smartwatches must have their straps included.

Please remove any SIM or memory cards and ensure you have deleted all of your data.  We are unable return any SIM cards or memory cards, boxes, chargers or other accessories sent to us in error.  Please ensure that gadgets are fully restored and free from any activation locks .

I’ve sent my gadget, has you received it yet?

When we receive your gadget we will send you an email message letting you know  we have it. You will also receive a tracking number from the post office when you post your gadget with the label we provide. This will allow you to track the journey of your gadget all the way to us. You will also receive tracking information if you post yourself via Royal Mail Special Delivery or your own registered courier to be able to be tracked through their website.  The service we provide free is Royal Mail tracked 48, so your device should be with us within 48 hours. If it hasn’t arrived by this date then you will need to make a claim via Royal Mail for compensation of loss on 08457 740740 or visit for more information on making a claim.


How can I get paid for my gadget?

We offer two payment options for your gadgets, Direct Bank Transfer or PayPal


How long does it take for me to get paid?

We understand that no one likes waiting around for their money and thats why we send payments within ONE day of receiving your gadget and we have checked it over. We are very good though and 95% of our payments are made the same day.  Both Bank Transfer and Paypal are almost instant however this does depend on your bank supporting the "Faster Payment" option and can take longer if they don't. You can check whether your bank supports faster payments here.  Luckily the majority of banks support faster payments so hopefully you can get paid fast. If not, you can choose the PayPal option. 


You are asking me to enter my bank details, is this safe? 

We understand people are naturally cautious when entering senstive information online. However with GadgetReclaim you can be rest assured that your details are 100% secure. We have a full 128bit SSL secured site which means when you send your data over the internet to us we are the only ones that can see it. If you are still apprehensive of entering your bank details then please choose the PayPal option and all you have to enter is your PayPal email address. Find out more about SSL security here.


General Questions:

How do I check the details of my order?

We will let you know by email that we have received your gadget and when we have processed and sent your payment and also if we come across any problems. However if you need anymore updates then you can simply use our quick contact form at the bottom of our page to get in touch and we will be back with you fast. We are confident you won't need to chase up your trade though as we are always on the ball.


Who are we?

Where can I sell my mobile or where can I sell my iPad quickly and easily? At GadgetReclaim that’s where. We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient service which is independently rated by our customers. It will take less than 5 minutes for you to sell your device. Then simply send it in to us using our free tracked postage and await your money. Fast, Simple and hassle free. Sell mobile phones and more to us today.

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